The biggest and most economically important road networks in the world

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One of the most unnoticed and often unsung heroes of economic development are the major road networks in the world. Basically, roads not only provide access to the outside world but also offer easier and faster means to distribute produce to markets, deliver goods and services efficiently and enable social mobility and stimulate economic growth and expansion. In fact, countries across the globe have recognized that roads are extremely important social and economic assets. Let’s take a look at the world’s biggest and most important road networks today.

1. United States of America

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The American road network is the longest, the biggest, and one of the oldest in the world, exceeding 6.58 million kilometers (4.3 million kilometers of paved roads). The highway networks is categorized into three major roads: the interstate highways, the US routes (numbered highways) and the state highways.

2. China

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China’s 4.24-million kilometer (as of 2012 data) road network takes a spot as one of the longest and most economically strategic national and provincial highways in the world. Its national expressway system is known as the National Trunk Highway System (NTHS) with seven radial expressways that all lead to the national capital, Beijing. China’s road masterplan however doesn’t stop there. Come 2030, the country envisions a 5.8 million kilometers of total road network that includes 180,000 kilometers of expressways and 400,000 kilometers of national highways.

3. India

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India is the home to an economically important road network in Asia, spanning over 4.6 million kilometers (as of 2015 data). It plays a major role in the country’s transport infrastructure, and data shows that it accounts for 65 percent of freight as well as 80 percent of commuter traffic in the country.



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